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Cinta Polyken 345

Premium Aluminum Foil Tape


  • Aircraft sealing and masking.
  • Used as a window mask to protect aircraft canopies, windshields, and passenger window surfaces from craxing and/or hazing during paint stripping operations.
  • Used as a moisture barrier.
  • Provides protective coverage during maintenance and from solvents.
Features & Benefits
  • Meets FAR 25.853(a), 60 second vertical burn specification.
  • Meets Mil Spec L-T-80B
  • Aluminum foil backing provides a vapor barrier to protect from moisture, contamination, and corrosion.
  • Acts as a heat shield to minimize heat transfer.
  • Superior conformability to adhere to irregular surfaces.
  • Acrylic adhesive system developed for solvent resistance and clean removal.
  • High adhesion & excellent aging resistance.
Carrier Aluminum Foil
Adhesive: Proprietary Acrylic
Colors: Aluminum
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