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Cinta Polyken 108PE

Flame Retardant Double-Coated - Cloth Tape


  • For carpet installation on interior floors and stairs of aircraft.
  • Used with confidence by Boeing,Douglas, Lockheed, and major national and international airlines and mils g/mm refurbishers.
  • Meets Boeing BMS 5-133, Douglas DMS 1971, and Lockheed LAC C-24-1257 material specifications.
Features & Benefits
  • Designed with a flame retardant cotton cloth and synthetic adhesive system that complies with FAR 25.853(a).
  • High strength, with great quick-stick and adhesion.
  • Easy to tear and realign for easy of installation.
  • Highly conformable.
  • Extremely aggressive adhesive for a secure bond.
  • Compliance with safety requirements.
  • Designed for residue-free removal.
Carrier FR Cotton Cloth
Adhesive: FR Synthetic Rubber Adhesive
Liner: LDPE
Colors: Natural, Black
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