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Sellantes y adhesivos Hysol
 Hysol epoxy patch kit 0151
  • General Purpose Kit (Optically Clear)

The Hysol 0151 Kit is a clear, two-component 100% solids system having optical clarity when used in thin films. The resiliance of the cured material makes this kit an excellent choice for bonding elastomeric to rigid substrates having a widely different expansion coefficients. The neutral color is an advantage where the bond line should not be noticeable.

Recommended Substrates
Glass, Metals, Circuit Boards, Fiber Optics and many Plastics.
Clear Color RT or Heat Cure Bonds Many Materials
Easy to Mix 100% Solids Thixotropic Paste
 Hysol EA 934 NA (1/4)
  • Epoxy Paste Adhesive

Hysol EA 934NA is a two-component thixotropic paste adhesive, which cures at room temperature and possesses superior strength to 300°F/149°C and higher. Its thixotropic nature and good compressive strength make it ideal for potting, filling and fairing, as well as for shim applications. Hysol EA 934NA is qualified to MMM-A-132 Type 1, Class 3 with a room temperature cure.

  • Room Temperature Cure
  • Good Gap Filler
  • 300°F/149°C Performance
  • Potting Material
  • MMM-A-132 Qualified
  • Develops Strength Rapidly
 Hysol EA 956 NA (1/4)
  • Epoxy Paste Adhesive

Hysol EA 956 is a two-component adhesive, which has excellent elevated temperature strength. Its room temperature cure capability and low viscosity make it ideal for repair applications, including laminating, injection and coating.

  • Two Component System
  • Low Viscosity
  • Room Temperature Cure
  • Ideal for Repair
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